Cattle Farm Angus Frenciugi

Born out of love for nature,
animals and people

... 2017, the first page of the story

… Once upon a time there was a fairytale land in the lands of Iasi, where we started to write our story. Love, care and passion for animals, nature and people have guided our steps towards what will be today, the Angus Frenciugi Beef Farm, an oasis of peace, greenery with pastures and virgin orchards, where our animals are born and raised traditional ecological. 

In 2017, the first Angus mothers, together with their bull king, stopped by us and since then we continue to write, every day, a story sheet. The birth of each calf is a day of great celebration on our farm, as well as the birth of a child. 

The years have passed and now, some of our calves have reached maturity, and we want to write this new page of story together with you, dear people of the hills of Iasi. 

… And will live happily in harmony with animals, nature and people until old age!


Born out of love for nature animals and people


Bullstar products

Bullstar represents an interaction between the adequate growth of the species, the processing with passion and the avoidance of unnecessary waste.

T-Bone steak

T-Bone is the younger brother of Porterhouse, a powerful piece of meat that combines two steaks into a single cut: a piece of fillet about three inches thick and a piece of rump steak tied to the T-shaped bone. 


Rump steak
(Roast beef)

Rump steak (Roast beef)

This steak made from the back piece of beef between the antricot and the pulp extracts its charm from the short fiber portion of the back and from the characteristic fat, which, in combination with the delicate meat fibers, creates a sensational, delicate and juicy taste.


Rib eye steak (Antricot)

The ribeye is the back part, in the direction of the neck, a part that tends anatomically towards strong fat deposits / Longissimus Dorsi and Spinalis dorsi are considered to be some of the most sensitive and, at the same time, the most marbled meat muscles.



The pulp, as a link between the back and the leg, does not play a supporting role in the musculoskeletal system of cattle – and this always means very little connective tissue. In terms of texture, it has almost the same level of quality as the noble cuts.


Our races

… Once upon a time there was never a realm of fairy tales in the lands of Iasi where we started writing our story. Love, care and passion for animals, nature and people guided our steps towards what was to come today, Angus Frenciugi Cattle Farm, an oasis of peace, greenery with pastures and virgin orchards where our animals are traditionally born and raised. ecological.

Aberdeen Angus

Aberdeen Angus, named after the city of Aberdeen, (also called Black Angus or shortly, Angus) is a breed of cattle, bred for meat production. Created in the 18th century, in Scotland, Aberdeen Angus is currently spread worldwide. It is black or red, without horns, with a body weight of 500–550 kg in cows, with a slaughter yield, for fattened animals, of 65-70%. 

The specificity of the Angus breed is the production of PREMIUM beef, through a rearing system with low maintenance costs, with a fattening system exclusively on pasture, without the addition of concentrates in feed.

Cattle fattened on pasture are a good alternative to conventional fattening by feeding in stables. Fattening on pasture is an essential condition for the production of quality beef. At the same time, the meat from the extensive rearing system (on pasture) provides added ecological, ethical, sensory and psychological nutritional value.


Wagyu is a genus of beef, to which the famous Kobe belongs. The story of this Japanese-patented and strictly controlled cattle begins 100 years ago. The Japanese, at that time, did not eat much beef, they used it more for working the land and they needed fatter cattle to have energy reserves for their job. Thus, they brought beef from Europe and made some crosses with their varieties, obtaining that marbled meat much dreamed of, that is, it had fat in the muscle fiber, it was not lean meat as they were used until then. Rest assured, we are talking about unsaturated fats, those that are good for the body. Wagyu meat has a high percentage of unsaturated oil fats, few calories and a fat that burns at lower temperatures, but which also gives the meat a special taste. In our farm the Wagyu breed is in the breeding phase. The first mothers together with their famous bull Wagyu stopped in our house in 2020.

… We will keep you updated with a new page from the Wagyu story.

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